Being a Single Lady!

Being a single person does not mean something bad. Even tough your positive routine for the loved one supposed to be eliminated, such as morning call, bedtime story, daily talk. However, this kind of things can be transform into one new fresh thing by spreading your positive mind and attitude to the surrounding, through online […]

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 I miss us

Do you know what I am doing when I am missing you so much? I turn on my phone, go to photos, open up your photos, and then put that phone on my chest with the photo of you in the display. So I can feel, pretend, that we’re hugging just a little while.  I […]

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You & Me, Now!

I ever heard that everything will be easy if its meant to be for each other. But i realize that everything for us, never be easy since long time ago.  I love you, I really do & I am crazily in love with you, but being friend is the right path of us now. Even […]

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Riddle on Twenty-Nine

Have you ever heard the story of leap year? It is on 29 of February which happens once in four year. There are so many mystery with this date. Well, i surely have the same riddle with this thing. The difference is on 29 December, not february which is his day. He, in this term, […]

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5 Times a Day

Hi everyone, I’m on my way of traveling from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya while writing this. Few days back, I had few discussion with my brother and my boyfriend about how to increase self productivity so then we can strive for excellent in doing thing especially in working. In the article before, I am 23 years […]

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