Letter for Readers

Dear readers, 
I really appreciate you read all that I have written in my blog. Basically I am an extrovert person who is using intuitive higher than feeling, this issue makes me not easy to express my feelings to othes especially about sadness, glommy, worries, and even happiness; that is why I am writing.
As a person whom has the name that refers to ‘happiness’, I am very concern about making other people feeling happy especially the dearest one. Besides, I am very concern about personal development, since Talent Management was my field in my organization during my study. Even tough everytime I reflect myself that I have not improved enough as a person, but surely I am so much concern for people who feel so down and need a bit of light; for a hope and motivation. Let’s say I am a good friend to ask for motivational support.
There was missunderstanding from the readers, who think I wrote some posting without thinking about their feelings. I apologize, all things that I’ve written basically for myself and no intention to insult or hurting people’s feeling. I really appreciate for criticism, hopefully I can write more drivefully things to read. And thank you for the enthusiasm. 
Looking forward to seeing your comments, like, and follow. 

For further information, 



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