Really want to see you

My Love I really want to see you Really want to be with you Really want to see you, Love But it takes so long, my Love My sweet Love Mm, my Love I really want to know you I really want to go with you Really want to show you, Love That it won’t […]

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I love you, but I lost

Please do not say as if I am the bad person, here. I had a feeling as strong as you were. We had problem with our communication and trust issue.  We’ve become too much formal; all of the thing we’d been through together become something strict. Like a rulled book. What we did are exactly […]

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Being a Single Lady!

Being a single person does not mean something bad. Even tough your positive routine for the loved one supposed to be eliminated, such as morning call, bedtime story, daily talk. However, this kind of things can be transform into one new fresh thing by spreading your positive mind and attitude to the surrounding, through online […]

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 I miss us

Do you know what I am doing when I am missing you so much? I turn on my phone, go to photos, open up your photos, and then put that phone on my chest with the photo of you in the display. So I can feel, pretend, that we’re hugging just a little while.  I […]

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