You & Me, Now!

I ever heard that everything will be easy if its meant to be for each other. But i realize that everything for us, never be easy since long time ago. 
I love you, I really do & I am crazily in love with you, but being friend is the right path of us now. Even tough the time is not coming yet, I just want to say, whatever is the result that written by Allah for us, I really hope at least we can be friend. I need you like a body need blood. I cannot imagine that we dont talk anymore.
I know that your feeling might be as strong as I am, but either you or me deserves happiness. You need someone who can appreciate the way you are, so do I. I do not mean to be selfish. But I have a life goals to be fullfilled and I know that since I was child. It is a calling, a whisper from God that I need to achieve, comes up in my mind, appear in my dreams, felt in the center of heart. In the other hand, as a guy, you have a family to be cared of. 
Our situation as if sun and moon, really need each other but not meant to be for each other. Bitter truth that we born apart, with a different situation and life calling. But I love you and I always do. 


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