Riddle on Twenty-Nine

Have you ever heard the story of leap year? It is on 29 of February which happens once in four year. There are so many mystery with this date. Well, i surely have the same riddle with this thing. The difference is on 29 December, not february which is his day. He, in this term, refers to the one I loved but he dumped me.
I might have been so sad and upset during this time. I was overthinking much that I would be depressed, cried all day, because I did not know what to do. Really want to say but I know that he might have celebrating his day with another girl. Petani.
This is another evidence that I see, that Allah always love us no matter what. He is Beneficent and Merciful. Everything that He gives me beyond my capacity, I could not even think about that. I did; prayed that I wanted to conquer my fearness when I face 29 December. You know what Allah gave me on that day?
Hectic. It is one word but means alot. We can forget everything when we are hectic. I had a bouch of work to do that made me forget about ‘that’ day. I woke up early in the morning, went to office at 8 am like usual. Then, a day before, my cousin came from Jakarta and she asked me whether I wanted to be her model for make up. I agreed. But that day quite hectic, I check the work in the workshop and visiting my family whom sick near to that area. The workshop is quite big with alot rolls of fabrication. When i checked, I climbed to the top and walked in footstep without any safety tools. I just believe. That was amazing experiences. The place was under construction. 
After I got the permit from my workplace, I visited my cousin whom make up artist and started the work. It was collaboration with few people. I got photoshoot after touched up and it finished until afternoon. It was tight schedule. But I love the photo concept on that time, especially the studio. I could not cry in the make up, so the sky was crying and I drink a hot chocolate as a shelter while chit chat with everyone on the studio.

After coming back to home, i washed my make up and prayed. Then my mom asked me to go to have pizza together. I agreed her. I just realized that I have not had anything to eat since morning. I had a quality time with my mother and sister.
My friends from another city called me after I finish my early dinner with my mom. She told me that she wanted to know the direction to some restaurant in my town. Culinary is my hobby, so I agreed her. I meant to visit her a while, but I did not know that she was with her big family. So I was being a guide for them. In terms of courtesy, I had to have a small talk with them. 
When I reached home, it was quite late of night. I had a talk with mom before sleeping and getting ready to sleep without realizing that the mystery day was already done. Times up! I really want to thank God whom already planned this day as well so I did not even feel the riddle with this day. I am so Grateful. 

‘the fear of suffering worse than suffering itself’ Paolo Coelho


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