5 Times a Day

Hi everyone, I’m on my way of traveling from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya while writing this. Few days back, I had few discussion with my brother and my boyfriend about how to increase self productivity so then we can strive for excellent in doing thing especially in working.

In the article before, I am 23 years old teenage girl whom tries to understand life, I have experiences few things. During my study in college few years back, I realized that I have a weakness within myself which is ‘Easy to forget things’. This issue happens to my brother. He easily forget things and it leads him to be super careless. There always be something left behind when he moves from one place to another. Yes I agree by doing something like take notes, making to do list, or using reminder can solve the things but there are something bigger that I finally sense. Something that I never realize can change my life. It is praying 5 times a day.
The other issue happens to my boyfriend. He lives in Jakarta which everyone knows is full of traffic. He has to finish a lot things in a day, but traffic makes him sometimes too lazy to finish them all in the same day. It also makes him losing his concentration and hard to develop the life’s priority. Reflecting to my routine, I have exactly same issue with him. I work during working hours from Monday to Saturday. Sometimes ‘i feel too tired and lazy’ to some exercise and doing another work. Until finally I know how to solve it. Yes, doing hobbies and asking some friends to do things together are good answer. But there is something I finally realize. I prayed Ashar before doing another work, it feels like I’m recharging my power. That is why I can do hard exercise almost everyday even if I think about that, it must be super tired and lazy. By doing praying, it is like you are borrowing the strength from God. The movement of doing praying (shalat) feels like warming up to face another thing. Besides, it maintains your passion in doing things. 
As a good moslem who understand that pray 5 times a day is an obligation, I told my brother that as long as he did not forget to pray so he would not forget things. I also told my boyfriend to maintain his praying, because it activates leadership’s potential in sustainable way.

In this writing I want to remind everyone to use your time before death to do much pray and do obligation as well. I believe that every religion lead us to do good things and to be a better person. Every problem, how big or small that you face in your life, can be reduce by doing things that you like or what you need in a good way or in the bad way. For example, you can use drugs to get easily peaceful, but the side effect of using this can be being addictive, being a slave to an object, and if it is too much, you can overdose and easily die. In other hand, The side effect of being religious is positive attitude to alleviate your life problem and tranquility of soul as the bonus. 


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