That’s how big God loves us!

Sometimes i’m imagining how would it be if life is as easy as Italian mafioso’s movie. I can easily taste my coffee while see that everything are full of justice. It’s just a wild imagination from my deepest memory. Well, it should be something censored but i want to break my ex’s nose because he was irresponsibly dumped me. Moreover, I want to rob the people who already steal the idea of the business concept that i already made. There are few other things that make me so upset, but if i write down all of it, I think i might make a novel. Lol. I know life is hard, but our effort should be harder, right?
Somehow, I believe that Allah already prepare another better scenario than what’d imagine before. I even know that some honorable mafioso will never be as justice as Allah. Now and then, when i feel so big disappointed, there always be some distraction so i couldn’t even cry. Lol. 
It happened once, i was so big downhearted because of ‘something’, I was a bit sad and almost crying while driving in the middle of raining day, suddenly my boyfriend called just to ask whether i already had my lunch or not yet. Because i don’t want to make him ‘worrying of me during his working time’ – i do not want to make his mood down- so i just tried to be like usual and ask him whether he already finish his jumma pray or not yet. His calling makes me a bit forget about my sadness. Then when i came back home, i was running away to my room and trying to find the pillow. I’d planned to cry under the pillow because its easier that way. But then the Air Conditioner engineer had come and fixed the tools in my room at the moment. I could not even run to my room. Can you believe? Even God didn’t let me cry of some nonsense. 
All in all, that is how big Allah loves us. No matter how hard the situation that we face, how big our disappointment, how unlucky we are, Allah always loves us. Some ‘nonsense’ can easily makes us down but Allah never let us dragged down as long as we believe of Allah. Because of His Merciful, I do not even have any space to be dispirited. 


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