I love you too, manobili

Hola my baby, its been many years we know each other but it’s my first time you watch over me falling asleep. It seems a bit weird because you always be the one who sleep earlier than me and i always be the one who listen to your sweet snooring lullaby. Frankly speaking, i felt a bit awkward last night, because you loved to watch tv or play games insted of watch me sleeping, but what you’d done to me was so romantic. I slept so tight last night because of you, my baby. And thanks god, my throat problem is getting better now.
Even tough I was falling asleep but my hearing was sensitive to any sound that on headset. Yes, like I told you before, me and my baby living in long distance, so there is nothing else that we can do before sleeping except havig a pillowtalk. Like what we did last night was having a video call. 
Back to topic, i was so sensitive to any sound even tough i was sleeping because i wore headset. Even there was some voice from you – or maybe i was talking while sleeping- , i woke up few times and saw that you kept staring at me. But in some times, i felt so damn tired so i could not even open my eyes anymore. I was half sleeping when you say ‘i love you’. Well my baby, by this writing I just want to replay that I love you too and thanks alot for everything. 

I really hope i can sleep tight in your arms. Hug and Kiss. 



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