Good Night, Baby

Hola.. My name is Aisha. I’m 23 years old. Yes, as a normal girl who tries to have a better life, I work 8 hours a day. I drink coffee every morning and evening. And i am imagining how is life will be if i live near to the beach and own the best restaurant on that area. All in all, there is something i want to share, something which is continuously happening, a same routine, but i cannot live without it. 
I cannot sleep without having a conversation with my beloved one before sleeping. Talking about him, he has a quite same routine as mine, he works, school, and plays games instead of making coffee. He lives in Jakarta and i’m in the small town near to Bandung. We can say that we’re living in long distance. 
His hectic daily job makes him sleep earlier and always wakes up so quick. That makes me sleeping while listening to his snoring every night. His snoring surely becomes my lullaby. But, believe or no, this lullaby leads me to have a good dream.

I love you baby, have a tight sleep 😘


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