Riddle on Twenty-Nine

Have you ever heard the story of leap year? It is on 29 of February which happens once in four year. There are so many mystery with this date. Well, i surely have the same riddle with this thing. The difference is on 29 December, not february which is his day. He, in this term, […]

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5 Times a Day

Hi everyone, I’m on my way of traveling from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya while writing this. Few days back, I had few discussion with my brother and my boyfriend about how to increase self productivity so then we can strive for excellent in doing thing especially in working. In the article before, I am 23 years […]

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That’s how big God loves us!

Sometimes i’m imagining how would it be if life is as easy as Italian mafioso’s movie. I can easily taste my coffee while see that everything are full of justice. It’s just a wild imagination from my deepest memory. Well, it should be something censored but i want to break my ex’s nose because he […]

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I love you too, manobili

Hola my baby, its been many years we know each other but it’s my first time you watch over me falling asleep. It seems a bit weird because you always be the one who sleep earlier than me and i always be the one who listen to your sweet snooring lullaby. Frankly speaking, i felt […]

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Good Night, Baby

Hola.. My name is Aisha. I’m 23 years old. Yes, as a normal girl who tries to have a better life, I work 8 hours a day. I drink coffee every morning and evening. And i am imagining how is life will be if i live near to the beach and own the best restaurant […]

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