How Deep Is Your Love?

If you ever ask me, ‘how deep is your love?’ Here is my answer..
Loving you..

Its like i always care for you

Even tough you are being taken; 

put on the small narrow dark place

Being a prisoner because all of your mistakes;

Living so bad with no more hope;
You will always find me

I’ll jump to the top of that place

Trying to make a hole on the ceiling

Using any kind of tools, or even just a pen

Trying to give you some light

So then you can see;

the place is not dark anymore, 

not as small as you think, 

give you some wideness, 

even show you the way out

This is the way I love you..

Whatever is the problem that you face, how hard is your life, how dark is your place

Let me be there, give you a little hope

So then you can open your eyes, find the way out of your life’s problem

I love you and I really hope you know how big is my ‘little feeling’ for you

– by Farheen


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