Ice Coffee Hazelnut

Hola.. Today is super hot sunny day, so i am thinking to make an ice coffee using coffee beans from Kitamani, Bali mix with hazelnut syrup and milk. Its super easy and simple to complete your sleepy sunny day.


3 cubic frozen coffee (instruction bellow)
1 teaspoon hazelnut syrup
100 ml skimmed milk


The first thing you need is grinding the coffee beans. Make it ready. You can also use instant coffee, it is up to you, as long as you are using black coffee. After it is done, mix 2 table spoon of coffee with 100 ml boiled water. Then wait until its not much hot. After that, put the coffee in the ice box. Wait until 30-60 minutes until its frozen.



How about the mixture? Its super easy. After the coffee is frozen, just put 3 cubic of ‘coffee’ ice in your glass. Pour the glass with hazelnut syrup and mix with milk.

Its ready to serve, but its better served if you wait a while till the coffee already melting in your glass. If you want to make it more cold, you can just put more ‘coffee’ ice in your glass. Don’t mix it with the usual ice because it’ll make the taste not much good. Hehee

Enjoy and happy coffee!





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