Happy Couple Dilemma

One day in the small warm house near to the lake, there was husband and wife living happily together. They were such a good couple for each other. They always divided job, besides they were such a solid teamwork. Moreover they had been having a long distance relationship for 10 years until they lived together. There were something unique with their character, the husband loved to do sports and the wife was a coffee lover.

It was raining on Sunday. Suddenly the thunder came up and woke up the husband. He realized that he never woke up earlier than his wife. Every time he opened his eyes every morning, he always found his wife sitting in the table already waiting him for having breakfast together. He saw his wife was still sleeping tight so he didn’t wake her up.

He meant to surprise her by making the breakfast ready on the table. Suddenly, he saw the headline news in the newspaper about his favorite cricket team. He just realized that he didn’t watch the match last night. It was such a big distraction for him because he read the news and already forgot about making that surprise.

The clock was tic tock, time flew, he still focus on reading the news. Suddenly there was a sound that waking him up from reading. It was such a big scream!! He shocked and dropped the news. AWWW… the screaming voice came up again.

He ran to check his wife. Oh my god, he found a zombie. He was scared. The zombie was actually her wife. Her skin was grey and there was a blood came up from her head. He was so much afraid. He then ran away to the kitchen because there is no other way out. He didn’t know what to do until he saw a coffee machine. It was first time he made a coffee in his life. He made it quickly, in a rush. He was shivering and made the coffee spilled to the corner of the table.

Thank god the coffee already finished when she reach the kitchen. She drank the coffee and Blast! Her wife was back to normal after drinking the coffee. She smiled and she ran to do a jump hug like they usually did when missing each other. He stroked his wife’s hair slowly while his eyes watching the coffee container. It was empty. He took a deep breath while thinking ‘how would it be in tomorrow’.


P.S. This is a bedtime story created by H&F


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