How Deep Is Your Love?

If you ever ask me, ‘how deep is your love?’ Here is my answer.. Loving you.. Its like i always care for you Even tough you are being taken;  put on the small narrow dark place Being a prisoner because all of your mistakes; Living so bad with no more hope; You will always find […]

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Hot Caramel Macchiato

Hola! It is beautiful early morning when i made this hot caramel macchiato coffee. Actually, this was a request from my little sister. She would love to have a sweet hot coffee during this raining morning before going to school. So, who loves coffee with a sweet taste? 2 tablespoon gridded coffee 100 ml boiled […]

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Ice Coffee Hazelnut

Hola.. Today is super hot sunny day, so i am thinking to make an ice coffee using coffee beans from Kitamani, Bali mix with hazelnut syrup and milk. Its super easy and simple to complete your sleepy sunny day. 3 cubic frozen coffee (instruction bellow) 1 teaspoon hazelnut syrup 100 ml skimmed milk The first […]

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Happy Couple Dilemma

One day in the small warm house near to the lake, there was husband and wife living happily together. They were such a good couple for each other. They always divided job, besides they were such a solid teamwork. Moreover they had been having a long distance relationship for 10 years until they lived together. […]

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