I’ll be seeing you!

My dear.. I couldnt sleep last night because of staying away from you is killing me. I might travel around the places but my mind stuck in one place, you. The best kind of love is the one that awakens happiness and joy for the soul and makes us reach for more. Thats you’ve given […]

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I dreamed about you last night. But its weird! It makes me not dreaming about you anymore in the day time.  – afservia

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You are my big trauma

No matter how hard the situation that leads into sadness, whatever is the reason.. you are there, always be the shadow of darkness. Smiling so big as if you owned a medal from championship for seeing I am broken. Thats the biggest reason of I hate being sad or sharing sadness. Maybe losing you was […]

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Fu*k Fake Friends

We must be sad quite lot when we’re having such a great deal of heart broken. Thats the time when you start to be suddenly becoming the most cheerful person yet saddest person alive.  So many people tried to hide their feelings and tends to create emotionally unstable. Your world will be shifting from the […]

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Really want to see you

My Love I really want to see you Really want to be with you Really want to see you, Love But it takes so long, my Love My sweet Love Mm, my Love I really want to know you I really want to go with you Really want to show you, Love That it won’t […]

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I love you, but I lost

Please do not say as if I am the bad person, here. I had a feeling as strong as you were. We had problem with our communication and trust issue.  We’ve become too much formal; all of the thing we’d been through together become something strict. Like a rulled book. What we did are exactly […]

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